Affiliate Program

In our efforts to reach and serve as many Homes and Corporate entities as possible, we have created an eCommerce department that is designed to cater to the Furniture needs of online users.

It is also created to ease our purchasing process for our clients in this digital age.

As a player within the eCommerce system, therefore, we would want to adopt all the marketing strategies needed to actualize our goals and stand tall in the industry while making life easier and better for our clients.

It is in this mindset that we have introduced Affiliate Marketing System which is a system designed to attract qualified social media influencers, Bloggers and any other individual deemed fit for the goals of the program into our marketing and/or sales system and in return, offer them a befitting reward for their efforts that result into sales.

Within the program, our Affiliate Program promoters or members would be called Affiliates.

To be fully accessed and accepted into this program, every applicant must provide an active email address that is easily reachable as we would reach out before approving any application. Within 3-days of the application, any applicant whose application had not been approved is also expected to reach out to or Chat with Johnson on WhatsApp about the pending application.

Every applicant is also expected to carefully read our Affiliate Program document which has the Affiliate Terms & Conditions as well as everything needed to be known about the program before applying. You can also express your concerns via the above WhatsApp channel.

To register for our Affiliate Program, please chat with Johnson or send us an email to