Christmas Special Promo

This promo event is organized to ensure you have a memorable festive-season celebration. It’s such a massive promo event that covers the following:

1) Huge Discount: All Furniture products[except Royal Furniture Products] will be on 48% Discount while Royal Furniture Products will be on 20% Discount.

2) Buy a product of a certain amount And Receive A Gift(Gifts values range from #12,000 to #820,000 ): There would be a special gift(s) attached to a certain amount of purchases as listed in the table below:


Purchase amount

Gift Products Codes Gift Product Cost
100,000 BP7593  ||  WU5374  ||  Large Six-Layer Lotus Light5  || Large Five-Layer Lotus Lamp5 12,000-22,000
200,000 BP7625  ||  WU5564  ||  XJC8931-Black5 ||  XJC8931-White4 14,000-78,000
500,000 BP611-2-A3  ||  BG938-13  ||  WX1703  ||  WX1705  ||  CV2633   ||  XJC8653-Golden Chandelier3  90,000-120,000
800,000 BL2574  ||  BG441-65  ||  WT2214  ||  CV10123 ||  XJC8723-73 ||  DNYY09884  ||  DNDFA428-33 154,000-270,000
1,000,000 BH9614  ||  BH3032  ||  BLN3043 ||  WT1403  ||  PLP8069-Ro-433  ||  PLP8113-723 || CV10120 3000,000-350,000
2,000,000 BJ2632  ||  BG422-12  ||  WT1322 ||  SL1022 ||  PLP8069-Ro-613 ||  DNCX36352 400,000-980,000

Note: Click or manually search each Gift Product Code (as highlighted on the table above) to know its value. Since this promo covers all products in our Store, the price displayed on each product might not be the final promo price for the product. You can Chat with us or Call 09026666624 to confirm the final promo price of desired products or to manually place your Order

Place your order online now to be part of our festive-season celebration for amazing discounts and gifts. Visit Homepage to select a product.

Promo runs from 6th Nov., – 31st Dec., 2021.

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