16Th Anniversary Promo Details

16Th Anniversary Promo Ends

The celebration of our 16th Anniversary is on with up to 50% discount on all our Furniture products except Royal Furniture which would be on a 20% discount. Great giveaway items also await you upon some purchases. With this offer, you only need to proceed to the category of products of choice and place your order.

Offer valid from 4th – 30th June 2022.

How To Benefit From This Offer
Simply go to the category of any product you would love to buy and place your order or reach out to us and we would guide you through.
16th anniversary’s gift items with criteria
Purchase Amount Gift Products Product Cost
100,000 WU680\SPJ309-31 23,000-26,000
200,000 BK001\WU567\HP122(single chair)\DNYY0854P 40,000-80,000
500,000 BP696\BP807-1\WX170\SPB112 96,400-120,000
   800,000 BP671A(2 chairs)\HP130+HM122(1 chair+ 1 coffee table)\SA300-1\WT357  110,000-190,000
  1,000,000 BP755-2\HP143+HT116(4 chairs + 1 coffee table)\BG916\WU182\CV1012  180,000-400,000
  2,000,000 BP753-1+BM648B-2(2 chairs + 1 coffee table)\SA273\WN143\WN144\ VBC010\HA102+HM119( 1+1+3 sofa + 1 coffee table)\BP1300-1\BP1300-2  433,000-820,000

Note: In the event that a particular gift item on the table is no more available, the qualified client would be given the next available item in the same category.