Portable Massage Chair(BP758)

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Quick Overview

. The back is fixed and massaged:

The back has a neck, shoulder, back and waist massage manipulator, which can be used for positive and negative targeted kneading, massage, tapping, shiatsu and other hand massages. It is fully comfortable and close to the human body. It stimulates the spine tissue and vacancies deeply, effectively soothing long-term Sit fatigue, spinal strain and muscle soreness caused by tightness and rehabilitation.

2. Whole body airbag wrap massage:

Airbags are provided on the head, shoulders, arms, buttocks, legs and feet. Using ergonomics theory, the whole body airbag is used to wrap the progressive airbag to achieve a real palm press massage, which quickly relieves fatigue and promotes Blood circulation, stimulate cell vitality, and strengthen the body.

3. Waist hot compress auxiliary massage:

The back is heated by carbon fiber, which penetrates the skin by 3-5mm , bringing the effect of warm moxibustion therapy, thereby promoting blood circulation and relieving fatigue.

4. Calf telescopic adjustment function:

Massage can be used by people of different heights.

5. Plantar scraping and kneading massage:

Achieve comprehensive and deep massage on the soles of the feet, relieve the fatigue pressure of the feet, nourish the “second heart”, awaken the vitality of the whole body, strengthen the body and prolong life.

6. Comfortable zero gravity massage angle:

Through the three parts of the back, the seat and the leg, the inclination between the torso and the legs is about 126 degrees, and the gravity of each part of the human body is completely and evenly transferred to the zero-gravity massage posture to relieve stress and promote sleep.

1.Back Section Fixed Point kneading, push and pull massage

2 Full Body Air Bag Wrap massage

3.Heat assisted waist section massage

4.Lower Leg Adjustment Function

5.Sole Scraping Kneading Massage

6.Space capsule zero gravity experience

7.Space Capsule Zero Gravity Experience