RANGE HOOD CXW-200-A866 (VBC008)

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The ROBAM Hurricane A866 Cooker Hood is designed to provide a visual focus whilst offering various styles and widths to suit your kitchen, this Cooker Hoods perform well and please the eye as well.

Wide angle funnel design greatly increases the smoke capture area. This Cooker Hood has a dual-core absorber 5.0 technology equipt with a three-level tridimensional pressure boost to efficiently absorb the high level of smoke, grease and odour associated with grilling and wok style cooking.

This Cooker hood quietly and efficiently removes cooking odours, smoke and steam all while making less noise and delivering maximum energy efficiency. Thus, helping to reduce the electricity consumption.

A dense filter minimizes oil particles from entering the turbine chamber, its filter is precision pressed from a single piece of 304 stainless steel with zero pressure storm eye technology, this not only greatly increases extraction efficiency, it also makes it very durable, 100% dishwasher safe and one of the easiest filters to clean on the market.

Dual-core absorber 5.0” system
Infrared hand-free design
360 stereo in flow
Touch operation
0 gap cavity
Metal foil duct
The patent “dual-core absorber” system
360-degree three-dimensional inflow structure
“Non-disassembly and wash free A++” patent can separate the oil and smoke completely