RANGE HOOD CXW-200-A812 (VBC010)

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A black panel matches dark brown glasses in reverse “smile” pattern, simple, handsome, and approachable.

*Touch buttons, sensitive operation, easy start.

*Interior cavity spray coating technology, easy wiping and cleaning

Double strength core 2.0, surging power

*360° convection without dead area, quick exhaust, no escape of oil smoke.

*Efficient extract, quick exhaust, no remains.

*2-level air blowing, max. blowing rate of 1020m3/hr, high energy, no visible oil smoke.

Integrated A++ oil strainer, 95% oil separation ratio, efficient filtration of oil smoke.

*Butterfly-shaped exterior strainer, broad-top-and-narrow-bottom oil guide, ensure oil dropping into oil cup.

*Oil-repelling nano-coating, once for all cleaning protection, no oil stains remain in interior cavity.

1min delay extract, eliminate residual oil smoke in the kitchen, start smoke-free life.

*Turn on automatic button, power on, gas sensor and heat sensor detect ambient change and enables exhaust function.

*Soft LED lighting technology, energy-saving and non-polluting, lighten the beauty of kitchen.