STOVE JZ(Y/T)B486 (VBD055)

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Quick Overview

TheĀ I-Flame system

Inner Dip Angel Design

*3 level of fire channels are allocated into 3 different heights.

*Balanced heating to rule out vacant spot.

*High density of fire holes leading to stronger fire.

*Strong but balanced and stable fire.

*Either frying or cooking, all are taken care of in minutes.

*Flame out protection device to guarantee a safe operation.

Fashionable Appearance (4 Holes Burner)
*Tempered glass panel particularly designed for easy cleaning and organizing.

*C type easy-cleaning dish designed with no dead space but simple to clean.

*Whorl metal knob controls all delicacy.

*Dull polished ceramic grill thoughtfully designed to prevent the slippery.

Extreme Details

*Copper base.

*Movable burner.

*Bionic convection holes.

*Anti backfire shield.